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To divide big Events into smaller groups, you can use the Raidgroups Feature.

Create new Raidgroups

You can create new Raidgroups at the ACP > Raids > Raidgroup Management.

Create new Raidgroups at ACP.

Using Raidgroups in Calendarevent

When having more then one Raidgroup, you are now able to filter the Calendarevent for Raidgroups using the Raidgroup-Dropdown.

Filter Calendarevent for Raidgroups

To assign characters to Raidgroups, use the Checkboxes in front of the Characters. A menu appears at the bottom of the page, offering a Dropdown for the Raidgroup.

Assign Character to Raidgroups

After that, you can see at the Raidgroup Icon in which Raidgroup the Character is.

Assign Character to Raidgroups