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There are two ways to install Extensions:

  • automatically using the Extension Management of your EQdkp Plus Installation
  • Downloading and uploading the Extensions manually

Downloading and Uploading extensions manually

  • Go to our Repository, select the appropriate EQdkp Plus Version, and download the extension you want.
  • Go to the extension management of your EQdkplus Installation and upload the downloaded Extension there in the last Tab.

If the upload in the extension management does not work, use the following way:

  • Extract the downloaded extension. You will get some folders. The first one is named like the package name, e.g. plugin-chat-0.1.1.
  • Open the package.xml in the root folder of your downloaded extension and note down the values for "install type" and "folder".
  • Go to your EQdkp Plus installation and create a folder, dependend of type and folder, see #Types and folders
  • Upload the extension files to your created folder. You have to take the files from the folder "plugin-chat-0.1.1", that means the first folder where a .php file can be found.
  • Now you can install the extension from the extension management.

Types and folders

Type folder
template templates/FOLDER_FROM_PACKAGE_XML
language EQdkp-Root-folder

Support Toolkit

  • Download the Support Toolkit from the Repository.
  • Extract the files
  • Upload the folder "supporttool" into the Root of your EQdkp Plus installation.