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The config.php contains the basic credentials, which EQdkp Plus needs:

  • MySQL username, password, host and port
  • FTP username, password, host and port
  • Encryption Key - for encrypting sensitive information, like email addresses

Define Variables

You can adjust some things of EQdkp Plus by defining some of the following settings.

Please do only use these settings if you really know what you are doing!

Index Description
define("NO_SSL", true);
Disable SSL detection
define("CHMOD", 0777);
Defines an own CHMOD for the chmod-method
define("DEBUG", 4);
Special Debug Mode for Developers
define("EQDKP_UPDATE", true);
Allows access to Maintenance Mode without authentication
define("REPO_CHANNEL", 'beta');
Release Channel of Repo
Disable writable check of config.php
define("DISABLE_JS_MINIFY", true);
Disabled JS Minify
define("DISABLE_CSS_MINIFY", true);
Disables CSS Minify
define("NO_PHP_LOGGING", true);
2.3+; Doesn't return action to php own error handler
define("NO_CONFIG_CACHE", true);
2.3+; Dont use local config cachefile
define("DB_SSL_USE", true);
2.3.16+; Use SSL for MySQL Connection (for MySQL PDO only)
define("DB_SSL_VERIFY_SERVERCERT", false);
2.3.16+; Disable verification of server cert (for MySQL PDO only)
define("DB_SSL_KEY", "/home/vagrant/client-ssl/client-key.pem");
2.3.16+; Path to private SSL key (for MySQL PDO only)
define("DB_SSL_CERT", "/home/vagrant/client-ssl/client-cert.pem");
2.3.16+; Path to SSL cert (for MySQL PDO only)
define("DB_SSL_CA", "/home/vagrant/client-ssl/ca.pem");
2.3.16+; Path to CA cert (for MySQL PDO only)